I've been attending the newly-formed Volumetric Lab weekly since the RGBDToolkit workshop got me started with depth video. It's a fun and experimental workshop run by Volumetric Society's Ellen Pearlman and CultureHub's S.O. O'Brien.

Showing Existential at CultureHub NYC
Showing Existential at CultureHub NYC (credit: culturehubnyc)

The lab's initial run culminated with the kick-off party for the new Volumetric Society season for 2013/14 yesterday. It was a great event with high energy and a confident feel. We put out a call to other artists and tinkerers who might want to attend the Sunday lab.

You can check out and find more about the video I showed at the event here.

Chris Burke - This Spartan Life
Also showing work was Chris Burke, who I later discovered was the creator of This Spartan Life, a TV-style talk show shot realtime by characters in the space of a functioning online Halo game.

This Spartan Life: Episode 1

In the first video we find out some of the pitfalls of shooting a talk show in a space where people are actively trying to kill each other! We also see the show debut of The Solid Gold Elite Dancers, five players in the game showing their synchronized dance routine.

Videos of the show have recently been uploaded to Youtube, and I highly recommend checking it out!