I've arrived at my residency at Contemporary Artist Center (CAC) in Troy, New York. In this post I'll show some images of this beautiful location, and talk about the direction I want to take with my work from here.

The residency program is now run inside the historic Woodside Church, having moved from it's previous home in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Woodside Church
Woodside Church, Troy, NY

The night I arrived I was treated with all the other residents to the regular Sunday meal. The next night I took part in the weekly crit.

It was refreshing as it's been a while since I've been in a crit and I was able to put together a 'sketch' installation and have my work critiqued too.

Inside, the new CAC studios
Inside, the new CAC studios

I showed a quickly-assembled installation and some media from my time at I-Park, and the conversation got quite in-depth.

This provided some context and the views of a set of fresh eyes, and made me think some more about the installation potential the work has, aside from the portable / outdoor aspect.

After the crit, I put together the short video below from I-Park, and together the crit and video formed an interesting retrospective. This set a context for the work I'll be developing in the coming weeks.

Video showing the results of the work at I-Park in 'installation sketch' form

The initial work developed at I-Park is a good starting point - it shows that the concept works but leaves open the direction.

At the moment, there is something open-ended about where the installation sketch takes you once you approach it as a viewer on it's own terms. The journey feels tied to the machine, the coating on the object's surface feels artificial. But what I am looking for is a human connection, one that works with the perceptual process, rather than trying to negate it.

It has a minimalist feeling - which I actually appreciate because of the way it allows the underlying textures to make a statement. But I feel like with some more experimental work there are ways I can express more, playing on the inherent darkness and light, and by finding a more human pace, rhythm, and timbre.

Stained-glass window at the front of the church
Stained-glass window at the front of the church

The new studio is a good size and I have had to spend time light-proofing it and setting it up. This is an interesting space to be working and feel this is the best place for the piece to develop right now.

I will look at some of the outdoor locations later as the residency progresses and judge whether there is an outdoor component at a later date. But for now, the work is studio-bound.

Stained-glass window (detail)
Stained-glass window (detail)