I was invited to give a five minute "lightning talk" at this years Creative Tech Week in New York City.

The talk covers my artworks using depth video, projection mapping, and immersive installation, and looking at issues of perception, personal health, biometrics and climate change.

At first glance a lightning talk didn't appear to be the right fit for a talk like this. Explaining works that spans several years, and with such seeming variety, seem to imply a need for more time.

However, in the end, I really appreciated the constraints.

In preparing this talk I had to find the crux of what led me on each step of the journey from piece to piece, and how on reflection they relate to each other. In many ways I was surprised at the connections that came to light as I reflected on this.

I was glad for the opportunity to share some of this perspective with people in creative tech. I discovered some interesting kernels that I believe will be helpful and even come into play as I go on with my practice in the future.