Almost on cue from my last post, CAN have blogged about Marius Watz. He's a well-known generative artist (and he wrote a foreword for the book I'm reading.)

In the post, they start off talking about the Grid Distortions series and then go on to post a video (below) in which Marius introduces himself, and a collection of 'random' thoughts.

If you're interested in GenArt it's a great watch. In it Marius describes software as a 'material you work with', which is nicely in tune with my current conception of 'software as a medium'.

Marius goes on to talk about the relationship between his work and music (and the rave scene which influences him, and of which he is 'not ashamed'.)

He gives a very nice, short, chronological narrative of gen art, or rather the early stages of the contemporary gen art scene. He goes on to talk a little about the precursors and predecessors to this scene.

He then moves forward and discusses recent exhibitions he's helped curate. He gives some interesting background on the exhibition that accompanied Node10 in Frankfurt (which I attended and thought was a very nice collection.)

He explains the way they were trying to include exhibits which had as little to do with technology as possible. This is another sentiment that I respect. Some of the most interesting work at that show was purely algorithmic (carried out by hand) or involved very simple applications of technology.