It's actually quite an odd task we have set ourselves here. Rather than build an installation between three collaborators over eight days, we will be working as 8 collaborators over 3 days. It's a very quick project, but with a lot of people and large scope for the size.

The theme of this year's Freemote festival is 'Threshold'. Based on an online conversation and a single meeting, the group have come up with an outline for the installation we are going to attempt.

Gareth has sent out some design images which summarise our aims:

1. The hardware setup consists of an active area covered by Kinects attached to a server and a projector

2. People interact with the installation by entering the active area. The scene is projected onto a nearby wall

3. We are in a sense re-creating reality in the projection, this is the view we see in the projection. The green lines over the person are skeleton data which is collected by the Kinects

4. The installation has two parts: on one side (the left side) spheres appear from a central line, on the other side there is nothing

5. When a person is in the right-hand area of the installation spheres are created from position associated with their skeleton data. The spheres have a gravitational pull to the left. Imagine dust blowing from someone

6. When a person is in the left-hand side of the installation spheres burst on contact with their skeleton data. An area behind the person opens as the spheres are created from the central line and flow off to the left

7. When a person puts their hand (or any part of their body) over the divide spheres are created from their hand, spheres will also burst on the rest of their body

The reality of how the installation will actually look, work and feel will remain open as we experiment and install. But this gives us a good solid framework with which to start. Given the size of the group and the time we have available, it's good that we have a clear starting point.