Every day we are surrounded by people we don't know. In every city a mass of people paradoxically leads to greater isolation and individualism - or does it?

What is beyond this narrative? What social and spatial cues take over when we don't know the people surrounding around us? How are we engaging in a shared sense of space, and are when and where are we conscious of it? What is the role of this limited but intimately connected cultural cohesion? How does our physicality and embodied awareness contribute to this spatial conversation?

This experimental video shows footage of a commuter walking through the tunnels of the London Underground. It was shot using a depth-sensing camera and treated with a collage technique to overlay color from other video streams onto the point clouds. Moving a virtual camera around the scene in post-production, we can re-examine this daily journey from the perspective of a segment of total space, and see the intersections with passers-by.