I've accepted a one-month residency at Contemporary Artists Center (CAC), at the converted Woodside Church in Troy, New York.

The CAC church

I'm planning to use the time to develop some of my large-format projection installation work, such as the Gravity installation I developed at Jaaga. I'll be looking for new dimensions in which to expand the work, both physically and contextually.

About CAC
CAC is a non-profit art organisation founded in 1990 in Massachusetts. In 2007 they acquired the Woodside Church and Chapel, and now offer residencies, exhibitions and performances. The organisation is just beginning a renovation process that will lead to a new gallery and performance space in the church.

Stained glass at CAC

The studios on offer with the residency are also inside the church itself. Lighting is (at least partly) provided by stained glass windows. The dramatic shots above are all from the CAC website.

I'm looking forward to traveling up there next month and checking out the space!