Surface is a light and sound installation created for Jaaga in 2010. It was created as a response to the space at Jaaga, which is constantly reforming and therefore constantly 'under construction'.

Jaaga is a space which is always populated with discarded materials - sheet metal, wire, wood and others. For the installation, nine planks of wood were selected, ranging from around 4ft - 9ft in height. I created a new 'skin' for the planks in the form of a generative light and sound installation. The aim was to bring the discarded, inanimate surfaces to life - causing them to be born, to live, and to die in a new guise.

Surface runs an 8-12 minute cycle and is generated entirely on-the-fly by real-time by software (vvvv). The piece uses a large number of probability variables to control timing, colour and sound so that no two performances are the same, and each 'lifecycle' is somehow unique.