Yesterday, we tested a fairly timid 5V DC Motor with Arduino, and I blogged about the experience of setting it up and figuring out the components.

Today we used exactly the same circuit, but switched to a more powerful 12V DC Motor which we picked up in SP Road for 175INR (£2.50). The only change we made was to switch up the variable power supply to 12V.

In short, compared to the 5V motor, the 12V is much more powerful, faster, and much noisier! At the store thy offered a range of speeds but we picked the fastest, as you can always slow the speed programmatically using PWM (as shown in the video).

Due to the noise I can't imagine using this motor in an otherwise silent environment (unless the concept is to play up the tech/inner workings) - it's just that noisy, and not a traditionally-speaking 'pleasant' noise at all. It would be useful to know if there are ways you can reduce or dampen the noise emitted.