Reflections is a 3D-sound installation created for the Jaaga artspace in Bangalore.

The piece is a kind of commentary on transience. The Jaaga building was to be torn down, and so the voices of core community members are given the freedom to rise up and float freely across the metallic structure. Each voice has it's own direction, it's own perspective, and it's own trajectory - united only by the common framework of the Jaaga space.

Reflections is deliberately very pluralistic, not confined to any one room, not about any one person or thing. In it's structure, it is not spatialised according to a particular speaker layout (it is designed in such a way that it could work with any conceivable speaker layout).

In this way it contrasts with the much 'heavier', much more personal Gravity installation, which was created to form part of the same exhibition in 2011. Reflections was designed as a counterpoint to Gravity, in which the feelings and perspectives of the community take center stage.