Andrew McWilliams

Existential (2013)

Medium: Video
  • CultureHub, New York, 2013
  • The Wassaic Project, New York, 2015
  • Currents New Media, New Mexico, 2015

Existential is an exploration into our relationship with our daily surroundings in built-up urban environments. How is it that the waves of human activity around us so often lead to a sense of greater isolation? How do we react to this paradox, consciously and unconsciously, as we navigate public space?

This piece was created using the experimental cinematic technique of Depthkit - an approach in which recorded depth information is mixed with color and sound. However, for this piece a new color layer was applied in post-processing, to dislocate the swarms of pixels from each other despite their theoretical close proximity.

The piece was created in conjunction with a workshop series supported by the Volumetric Society, and presented at CultureHub in New York in 2013.

Supported by

This piece was made with the support of the Volumetric Society and CultureHub New York.

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