Andrew McWilliams


Andrew is a New York-based artist and technologist, and a founder and director of the ThoughtWorks Arts Residency. He is a lead technical consultant for ThoughtWorks, specializing in innovation in technology and the arts. Andrew is also a founder and director of Art-A-Hack, and of Hardware Hack Lab.

Andrew has exhibited work at HarvestWorks Digital Art Center in New York, at the Currents New Media Festival, New Mexico, and at the AlphaVille Festival of Post-Digital Culture in London. He has been awarded residencies at the Jaaga Residency Program in Bangalore, the I-Park Foundation in Connecticut, and Contemporary Artist Center in Troy.

Since 2016, Andrew has been working on projects relating personal health to global climate change. In the installation Emergency Room, generative sequences of video media show images of environmental activism amid planetary impacts, surrounding a beeping ECG display.


My work explores the "blind spots" in our evolutionarily-constructed experience. Using technological tools to generate, manipulate and present media in differing contexts, my work creates space for questioning the danger and the dissonance of existing in environments for which we were not evolutionarily designed.

Long, 2012

Still from installation
Long, 2012